Concealer – fetêd:fetid 2015

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Sleazy rock and roll and proto-punk collide with emotionally naked post-folk. “One of the stranger musical partnerships to have ever risen from the Edmonton music scene” (Vue Weekly), Concealer accidentally combines disparate musical traditions to create melodic and hypnotic heavy wave music.

Polaris Music Prize nominated songwriter Mark Davis sings and plays treated bass. And, when not striking poses, missmannered supplies keyboard drones and dial-twisting shrieks and blips. Ancient drum machines provide static beats. Flamboyance spars with stoicism. Ambience flirts with aggression. From sinister to soothing and back and forth again – l. Like Fairport Convention meets Suicide.

fêted:fetid was captured and tweaked by Lorrie Matheson at Arch Audio. A co-release from Weatherbelle and Coax Records.