Evangeline Gentle – Self Titled – 2019


Produced by Jim Bryson and mastered by Grammy Nominated Philip Shaw Bova, Gentle’s debut LP is rich, sweet, and lush with vibrato – only a few of the unmistakable qualities that constitute Gentle’s fervent timbre. Their songwriting possesses an authenticity and depth as rare and unique as their own journey. Born on the Northeast coast of Scotland, Gentle’s family lineage tells all. A descendent of the Codona Circus family, they have live performance in their blood and were given an unequivocal name for the stage too. Gentle has already been awarded Emerging Artist at the 2015 Peterborough Folk Fest and Best Female Vocalist of the year at the 2015 Wire Awards.

Gentle began writing their debut LP over the course of three years, collaborating with Bryson and slowly working on demos together. “During the writing years I trudged my way through deep periods of self-doubt, often wondering if I should quit music entirely,” says Gentle. “I’ve been in love with music my whole life. As a child I thought becoming a female country music superstar- long blonde curls and all was my inevitable fate. Somewhere along the way I internalized a lot of messaging about my queerness as being something that would hold me back, something that made me inherently less gifted and valuable as an artist, that I wasn’t enough for the industry and my spirit got broken. Each song on this record is a landmark on the journey toward re-establishing this spirit. I dream like a child again and though I have long since reconciled with my 11 year old self that becoming a country music superstar is not in the cards for me.”

Recorded at Bryson’s Fixed Hinge studio together with percussionists Pascal Delaquis and Matthew Greco, and vocalist Carleigh Aikins, the process for the LP began with tracks “So It Goes”, a nostalgic story telling of Gentle’s last teenage years, and “Even If”, documenting an unhealthy relationship and later distressing break up with their local dive bar.

Out September 13, 2019. Pre-sales up now!


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