Family Video – Forever Changes Overnight – 2019


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Family Video is Newfoundland’s dreamy indie rock gem. Lead by J. King’s driving guitar and raw emotive vocals; the band includes By Divine Right’s Geordie Dynes on drums, The Burning Hell’s Jake Nicoll on synth, and St. John’s’ indie rock mainstay, Knoah Bender on bass.

From small town kid to St. John’s indie rock fixture, J. King’s journey informs their earnest song writing; expressing a yearning of the heart that is relatable, but rarely revealed with such vulnerability.

Their latest album, Forever Changes Overnight has J. King playing an assortment of instruments on songs ranging from upbeat to brooding. It also features Fog Lake’s Aaron Powell on guest vocals and piano to round out this beautiful and deeply personal masterpiece of indie rock.

After enjoying an underground following on tape distros and playing small tours and festivals for many years, Family Video are finally being exposed to a wider audience through Victoria, BC based label, Coax records, and Seattle’s Lost Sound Tapes.

“soft and dreamy indiepop from eastern Canada that sounds like Julie Doiron fronting a Harriet Records band ” – Chris Mac (Jigsaw Records, Portland OR)

The album is available on CD from our store mail order, on cassette from Seattle’s Lost Sound Tapes and on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else that you can stream music.

01 Love You Better

02 Cloud Dancers

03 Twilight Eyes (feat. Fog Lake)

04 Forever Changes Overnight

05 Supergiant

06 Rainbow’s End

07 All I Want

08 Your Electric Glow

09 In My Mind’s Eye

10 Fields Of September

Music Video Twilight Eyes (feat. Fog Lake)