Lianne Hall – The Caretaker Cassette – 2017



Coax Records is proud to be releasing a cassette version of Lianne Hall’s newest album, “The Caretaker”

“One of the great English voices…” John Peel, Radio One

Lianne Hall is a Berlin-based singer-songwriter. While her sound may be largely country-esque and folk-inspired, her soul is built on a punk rock foundation. In the late nineties, she toured Europe extensively and released records  with Witchknot, a politicised, experimental all female punk band with a significantly DIY attitude and open-minded approach to making music. Lianne has since self released a number of solo singles and mini-albums. Lianne recorded five sessions for John Peel’s BBC radio show, including a live Christmas special at Peel Acres.

 A new album from British-born, Berlin-based Lianne Hall is a further essay in spine-tingling intimacy, weaving folk influences into electronic soundscapes. Her affecting songs are as frank and personal as ever, her voice a stand-out presence and our gentle if firm-handed guide into and out off her world in these latest ten pieces. Its genesis resides in the summer of 2015, when Hall teamed up with Alexander Paulick, of the band Kreidler, to shape a collection of demos into a new album. In a short space of time Alex had recruited a stellar cast of Berlin musicians for the sessions and enlisted Guy Sternberg of Lowswing Studio to record and co-produce. In three days the entire album was recorded directly to analogue tape. Each song was played live, without unnecessary clutter and with plenty of atmosphere. The result shines with outstanding musicianship that renders in “The Caretaker” a sense you, the listener, have been party to something timeless – and deeply personal …

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