Orkestar Kriminal – ORIGINALI – 2024


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Originali is a crucial, groundbreaking album for Orkestar Kriminal, and it uniquely thrives in the collective nature that is Montréal. Very often these compositions are influenced by the vast range of musical cultures the band has been exposed to in diverse neighbourhoods such Montréal’s Parc-Extension, which very much “gave birth” to the band. For many of Orkestar Kriminal’s members, who come from assimilated immigrant families, it was the first time they had ever composed music in the original language of their ancestors. For others, it was the first time these fiercely talented virtuosos had ever composed a song at all. With the challenge of 10 composers and 9 different languages set before them, Orkestar Kriminal managed to achieve the impossible, creating a work that is just as fluid as it is eclectic, with that characteristic Orkestar groove the band has become known for. Drenched in expression, celebrated and improvised, this is “cabaret noir” at its finest!