Parlour Panther – Retrograde – 2021


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Gritty guitar, immersive synths and howling vocals – Parlour Panther lifts you up to a sonic dream. With influences like Alabama Shakes, LCD Soundsystem and Tame Impala, this self-produced Queer duo brings you thunderously dark dream pop.

“Their lyrics are bold and the vocal delivery captivating” – Beatroute Magazine

Parlour Panther’s discography to date tells their love story from lustful lesbians to enby loves for life. Their upcoming album Retrograde takes a sharp turn. Almost entirely written during a global pandemic, it explores the forced reflection that comes from isolation.

The arrangements cover the wide spectrum of sound. Vibrantly showering synths hug the high end and resonant bass synths hold the low end. Distorted melodious guitars call and respond with striking harmonious vocals. This anthemic pop album flows seamlessly through grief and growth to protest and apocalyptic love.

Their single Closer [2019] inspired a new more laid back style of writing. While the production of Retrograde is intricately crafted by Parlour Panther’s own Steph [who produces all their music], their collaborative songwriting is more simplistic.

Chord changes are less complicated and more often stay the same throughout a song. The use of a drum machine and drum samples, rather than the live drums heard on previous tracks, adds a pulsing energy that fits well with Parlour Panther’s new creative direction. The thundering beats really elevate Retrograde’s pop album feel.

Lee and Steph began dating in 2013 and Parlour Panther was born one year later, as a way to celebrate their Queer love. Steph and Lee [aka Leeph] are now married and have been writing songs together for eight years. When listening to their discography, the listener follows their intimate evolution as artists and queers in love.

Retrograde drops on August 20th through Coax Records.

Retrograde Tracklist:


  1. Hi-Lo
  2. Sweet Sounds
  3. Faded & Happy
  4. Heartbreaks
  5. strpwr
  6. Hold your Head High
  7. Hear the Rumble
  8. Retrograde
  9. SlowGro
  10. Everything I Wanted (Billie Eilish Cover)
  11. gndrbndr
  12. Rhino
  13. Gaslight
  14. Last Human
  15. The End


~Side A~

  1. Hi-Lo
  2. Sweet Sounds
  3. Faded & Happy
  4. Heartbreaks
  5. strpwr
  6. Hold your Head High
  7. Hear the Rumble

~Side B~

  1. Retrograde
  2. SlowGro
  3. gndrbndr
  4. Rhino
  5. Gaslight
  6. Last Human
  7. The End





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