Pyscho & Plastic – Kosmoclub – Cassette- 2019



Berlin’s boffins of psychedelic dance music Psycho & Plastic return to Coax records this spring with Kosmoclub, a limited edition cassette. The tape combines their digital singles Kosmoclub 1 and Kosmoclub 2,    the duo’s most club focused outings to date, and features four dancefloor ready reworks of tracks from their 2017 album Kosmopop. In addition, two of the original album versions are provided as well.

Psycho & Plastic are driven by the same longing for unity in a shared ecstatic experience that draws crowds into clubs. And the club is where they regularly take their music to rethink the structure and dynamics of their productions on the fly, with direct crowd feedback. For months, Psycho & Plastic have reworked their tracks in live sets before heading back into the studio.

Kosmoclub juxtaposes the results with some of the starting points of this process. This is Psycho & Plastic full in scope, a unique blend of house music and pop, and alternative dance and cosmic vibes.

Side A opens with a psychedelic testimony. “High Priests Version” is a relentless groove monster commanding everyone to dance. The track comes densely packed with vocal samples, pulsing synthesizers, spaced-out textures. And it breaks down in truly far out sonic territory.
Original album version “High Priests of Stimulacrum (Original)” is a cosmic funkster in the guise of an off-kilter pop hit.
“Divine Dub” takes a more motorik approach, sparse and percussive. Trippy vocals and reverb-laden sounds drift in and out of the mix, bass and percussion shift the track’s forward momentum into overdrive.

Side B keeps the party going with the cosmic nu-disco tinged “Black Hole Version”. Organic percussion, echo drenched vocal snippets, and glistening synthesizers orbit around the gravitational pull of the beat before being sucked into a mind melting synth line.
The bass​ ​heavy, krautrock-infused sonic ooze of ​​“​Black​ ​Hole Acid​ ​Test​ (Original)”​ follows a trajectory laid out by the vocal narrative.

Closer “Spacecraft” takes a more stripped down, dub-like approach. The track cuts back and forth between percussive groove sections, a cheeky melody, and bursts of raw sound from outer space. Join the Kosmoclub!

Out on cassette May 31, 2019. Pre-order it now!