Rae Spoon With Jesus And His Judgemental Father – 2019


The trans-Atlantic collaborative album by Jesus And His Judgmental Father and Rae Spoon is proof that politics and music can unite people over great distances. Rae Spoon lives in Canada on unceded Lekwungen territory (Victoria,BC) and the JAHJF band live in Leeds and London. They all met on a UK tour where they double-billed and decided that a record needed to happen.

Rae Spoon is a former country-singer turned pop/indie/electronic with eight solo albums and many international tours under their belt. Jesus and His Judgemental Father are the best kind of pop punk music out there and have been making albums and touring internationally for eight years. The result is the high school dance show you wish you’d been to. The one where fearless nerds take over the stage and everyone who bullied all year them realizes they are actually cool and starts dancing.

Digital Only: Out January 5, 2019 on Bandcamp