respectfulchild – 家 – 2019

家 meaning both home and family. Because a home is both the place and the people you feel safest with. 家 is Volume I of remixes by respectfulchild’s friends. All songs stemming from their 2017 album 在找::searching::

100% of the sales from this album will be donated to Pride Home, the first longterm LGBTQ youth home in Canada. Pride Home was created by OUTSaskatoon to provide healthy, stable, and safe housing for queer youth where they can feel comfortable and supported to be who they truly are. It’s located on Treaty 6, Saskatoon, SK.
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Artists include: Inner Touch, Natural Sympathies, Phèdre, Valiska, Luyos MaryCarl, pulsewidth, An Ant And An Atom, and VC Vibes.
Mastering by Krzysztof Sujata. Album Art by Paul Giang.

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