The Naysayers -The Naysayers-2021


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Six years in the making, this self-titled indie rock record features nine visceral, cathartic and enduring songs written by singer songwriter Drea Nasager. This album has no filler, each song a single, likely to shine the national spotlight on this sub-arctic indie rock four piece from Whitehorse, Yukon. The songs will stay with you and so will their undeniable hooks and subject matter ranging from the ultimate diss tracks (Queen of Nothing), to break ups (Yesterday, Tough Love), to vulnerable confessions (Run and People Like Me) to political anthems (WAR).  The Naysayers album cuts through, and hangs on like an old friend you want to visit everyday.

This album takes you out of yourself, but still keeps you connected to everything you can relate to. It is perfect for screaming into the void, or for taking shelter from the storm.

“The Naysayers” was Mixed by Jonas Bonnetta (Evening Hymns) and Mastered by Gavin Gardiner (The Wooden Sky).



1 Queen of nothing

2 Run

3 Yesterday

4 Tough Love

5 Fall

6 Family Tree

7 Take A Piece

8 People Like Me

9 War