30 Mar

Corwin Fox New Single and Video Shrödinger’s Cat

Hello everyone, hope you're enjoying your time at home. I am pretty much locked in my studio writing and making weird noises. But also, I have been busy preparing my new Song of the Month!There was much debate around what to release this month, but as we dug deeper into our quarantines I decided to release something that is A) uplifting! B) explores science! C) about cats! and D) by request!Last month I introduced a song from my album Seed Map, an exploration of the relationship between science and nature. My song this month is from an album called Friendly Times, and it is the perfect segue between these two albums because it is a more family-oriented song that also explores quantum physics. It is called "Schrödinger's Cat", and for the first time I am releasing a video that has a live version of the song while you will have to go to my website or a streaming service to hear the studio version. And you should check out the studio version because it features Manjinder Benning on tabla and Alliszon Zaichkowski on french horn.Enjoy! See you next month…love Corwinhttps://youtu.be/MNOuD0W0–Q www.corwinfoxmusic.comhttps://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/corwinfox/schrdingers-c

Posted by Corwin Fox Music on Monday, March 30, 2020

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