22 Sep

Eve Parker Finley first full-length album Chrysalia

📣 Announcement📣: very excited to finally tell you we’ve joined forces with our new friends Florafone Records to co-release Eve Parker Finley first full-length album “Chrysalia”, coming out on Dec. 4th! . The first single off the album “Come with Me” is out today in a cute interview via Also Cool Mag. You can watch Eve play live (or later) for Pop Montreal this Thursday Sept. 24th at 3pm EST via Pop’s website🔮

31 Mar

Rae Spoon Live Concert Moved to April 4, 2020 at 3pm PST

Tune in at 3pm PST in Thursday to see Rae Spoon play a facebook live concert through the National Art Centre, Slaight Music and Facebook.

I'm playing a 50 minute concert from my studio on the territory of the Lək̓ʷəŋən peoples the Songhees and Esquimalt,…

Posted by Rae Spoon on Monday, March 30, 2020

A 50 minute concert from my studio on the territory of the Lək̓ʷəŋən peoples the Songhees and Esquimalt, W̱SÁNEĆ Nations (Highlands District, BC). If anyone wants to pay cover for the show you can send money to the artist at:

Paypal email: raespoon@gmail.com


The concert will be available live with auto generated closed captions. I’ll correct the captions on facebook and post a version of the concert on youtube for folks who want them there. The link to the youtube video will be available on the Coax Site.

Thanks to Facebook, Slaight Music and the National Arts Centre for their support.

30 Mar

Corwin Fox New Single and Video Shrödinger’s Cat

Hello everyone, hope you're enjoying your time at home. I am pretty much locked in my studio writing and making weird noises. But also, I have been busy preparing my new Song of the Month!There was much debate around what to release this month, but as we dug deeper into our quarantines I decided to release something that is A) uplifting! B) explores science! C) about cats! and D) by request!Last month I introduced a song from my album Seed Map, an exploration of the relationship between science and nature. My song this month is from an album called Friendly Times, and it is the perfect segue between these two albums because it is a more family-oriented song that also explores quantum physics. It is called "Schrödinger's Cat", and for the first time I am releasing a video that has a live version of the song while you will have to go to my website or a streaming service to hear the studio version. And you should check out the studio version because it features Manjinder Benning on tabla and Alliszon Zaichkowski on french horn.Enjoy! See you next month…love Corwinhttps://youtu.be/MNOuD0W0–Q www.corwinfoxmusic.comhttps://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/corwinfox/schrdingers-c

Posted by Corwin Fox Music on Monday, March 30, 2020

Out now!

17 Feb

Rae Spoon and Bleak Terrain UK April 2020 Tour

Rae Spoon is non-binary musician and author who’s latest album Mental Health, embraces and celebrates the everyday journeys of living with and surviving mental illness.

Brighton act Bleak Terrain‘s music creates space for the complexity of sadness and gently invites listeners to do the same.

12 April Cardiff Wales Goes Pop Festival At The Gate (Rae Spoon Only) Fbook Event Tickets

16 April Oxford The Library w/ Death of the Maiden Fbook Event Tickets 

17 April Newcastle at Shoe Tree Cafe with Gem Andrews. Fbook

18 April Glasgow At Category Is Books (Afternoon Reading, Evening Show)

19 April Edinburgh at Wee Red Bar

20 April Dundee At Conroy’s

21 April Middlesbrough At Artmouse Fbook Event Tickets

22 April Manchester (Levenshulme) At Tallyrand Fbook 

24 April London In The Bell Aldgate Fbook

25 April Brighton At West Hill Hall Event Tickets

26 April 26 April In Bristol At Cafe Kino Fbook

For more information: email coaxrecords (at) gmail.com

To book a date on this tour contact: katie (at) queerstothefrontbooking.com from Queers To The Front Booking

07 Feb

Family Video Release Album, Forever Changes Overnight, Feb 28 In St. John’s

We’re so thrilled to announce our first ever release of a Newfoundland act is the CD for Forever Changes Overnight by Family Video. Their launch show is on Feb 28 in St. John’s at legendary THE SHIP PUB with guests DANI BAILEY, DANK EATING and more.


Family Video is St. John’s dreamy indie rock gem. Lead by J. King’s driving guitar and raw emotive vocals; the band includes By Divine Right’s Geordie Dynes on drums, The Burning Hell’s Jake Nicoll on synth, and St. John’s’ indie rock mainstay, Knoah Bender on bass.

Currently at #6 on the Canadian campus radio Earshot Online National Charts, Newfoundland indie rock group, Family Video, launch’s their latest album, Forever Changes Overnight, on CD on Coax

From small town kid to St. John’s indie rock fixture, J. King’s journey informs their earnest song writing; expressing a yearning of the heart that is relatable, but rarely revealed with such vulnerability. 

Their latest album, Forever Changes Overnight has J. King playing an assortment of instruments on songs ranging from upbeat to brooding. It also features Fog Lake’s Aaron Powell on guest vocals and piano to round out this beautiful and deeply personal masterpiece of indie rock.

After enjoying an underground following on tape distros and playing small tours and festivals for many years, Family Video are finally being exposed to a wider audience. The album is available on CD from our store mail order, on cassette from Seattle’s Lost Sound Tapes and on BandcampSpotifyApple Music and everywhere else that you can stream music.











04 Feb

Kim Barlow, Rae Spoon and Mohammad Sahraei Tour March 2020

Rae Spoon and Kim Barlow are two seasoned musical nonconformists who have teamed up with newcomer Mohammad Sahraei for a Canada-wide tour in March 2020 that will take them from Yukon to Wakefield, Quebec. The eclectic trio performs arrangements of Kim’s and Rae’s songs for setar and banjo, guitar, keys, percussion and electronics. Kim and Mohammad have been finding the places where banjo and setar overlap, and joyfully meshing their musical worlds for the past year. These new versions of Kim & Rae’s indie pop songs, with traditional tunes peppered through two sets, make for a live performance that is vibrant, diverse, and beautiful.


March 5 Whitehorse at The Yukon Arts Centre Facebook Tickets  Access info

March 6 Dawson City Workshops at KIAC 

March 7 Dawson City at The KIAC Ballroom  Facebook  Event Page + Tickets

March 8 in Atlin at The Globe Theater Facebook

March 12 in Camrose at Fika Coffee Facebook Pick Up Tickets At Fika Coffee

March 13 Edmonton at The Aviary Facebook  Tickets

March 14 in Lethbridge at Acoustic Owl Facebook 

March 15 in Calgary at The Ironwood Facebook

March 17 Peterborough at The Garnet Facebook 

March 18 Toronto at The Burdock Facebook Event PageTickets

March 19 Kingston at Musikki Cafe Facebook

March 20 Ottawa at The Black Sheep Facebook Tickets

Rae Spoon is a nonbinary musician and author in Victoria BC. They have released ten solo albums and have toured across Canada and internationally. Rae owns and runs an indie record label called Coax Records that has released thirty-seven albums by Canadian and international artists. They have been nominated for two Polaris Prizes, a Lambda Literary Award and a Western Canadian Music Award.


Kim Barlow is an enduring presence in the Canadian indie scene, Yukon-based but now back in Nova Scotia, starting fresh. Her newest album, How to Let Go features some of the East Coast’s best, produced by Mark Adam with Old Man Luedecke guest vocals. It was nominated for a 2019 Nova Scotia Music Award for Folk Recording of the Year. Barlow recently joined the Coax Records label.


Mohammad Sahraei is an ethnomusicologist, skilled with many traditional Persian instruments. His ensemble, Open Borders, a group of 30 international musicians, have performed at the Halifax Jazz Festival, Obey Festival, Upstream, Multicultural Festival, Feast Festival, and Iranian and Indian Festivals. Mohammad teaches and holds master classes and workshops


Financial Access: For anonymous pay what you can list email coaxrecords@gmail.com to reserve your spot. We try very hard to make sure everyone can go to our shows and make sure PWYC tickets are as accessible as paid tickets.

Access Info: As much info as we can get from venues is posted below. If you have any specific requests please contact coaxrecords@gmail.com or call the venue. We’re happy to try to accommodate any requests that make it so that everyone can go the the shows.

March 5 Whitehorse at The Yukon Arts Centre Access Info

March 6 Dawson City at The KIAC Ballroom Accessibility info: All bathrooms are gender-neutral (3 on the ground floor, 3 upstairs in the venue). 1 private washroom on the ground floor is accessible, and 1 private washroom upstairs in the venue is accessible. There is a set of stairs getting into the building and a flight of stairs to the venue. The ramp into the building comes through the back door. Please email coaxrecords@gmail.com or contact KIAC so someone can open the door for you that evening.

March 8 in Atlin at The Globe Theater Access Info: Accessible entrance and washroom. Outdoor ramp into building. email coaxrecords@gmail.com or contact the Globe Theatre with any questions.

March 12 in Camrose at Fika Coffee Access Info: There are 5 steps at the front of the building to get in. Both washrooms (one upstairs, one main floor) are gender neutral. 

March 13 Edmonton at The Aviary Access Info: Accessible entrance through the back. Wheelchair accessible washrooms. Please contact coaxrecords@gmail.com or The Aviary If you have any questions. We can reserve seats for you if you need them for access.

March 14 in Lethbridge at Acoustic Owl Access Info: No stairs on entrance. No grab bars or large bathroom stalls. Bathrooms are gender neutral.

March 15 in Calgary at The Ironwood Access Info: The Ironwood is accessible from the front door. No steps in or to the room with the stage. There is an accessible, all-gender washroom to the left of the stage.

March 17 Peterborough at The Garnet Access Info: There are two large gender neutral washrooms, the front entrance is accessible. More info on grab bars coming!

March 18 Toronto at The Burdock Access Info: The entrance to the Burdock is no step. No stairs to the stage. No accessible washroom. Washrooms are down a flight of stairs in the basement of the venue.

March 19 Kingston at Musikki Cafe Access Info: There’s a large staircase (27 steps) to get to the main performance area. There are two gender neutral washrooms with no large stalls or grab bars.

March 20 Ottawa at The Black Sheep Access Info: Ramp into venue. No large washrooms with grab bars. Will try to change the washrooms signs. Not normally gender neutral.