Danger Grove

this is adapted from the remix bio (Jason’s bio is mostly about the process of making the album), let me know if it’s too whimsical and I’ll get serious.

One day in the Enchanted Wood, in a dark and humid grove, there was a stirring and a little animal called Lizard brought a beat she had made to a large, cynical, tenuously notorious animal called rap legend Jesse Dangerously.
rap legend Jesse Dangerously roared their appreciation – that tastes pretty good! Is there more! – and Lizard said yes I have got more. I’ll make more. There is more.
A wise old owl said they were influenced by Aesop Rock and Ramshackle Glory, and that the album they made together sounds like “if Drake listened to Neutral Milk Hotel.” It’s true they paid the owl to say this, but that doesn’t mean he was lying. Money words can be true ideas. He even said they could “chance the shape of Canadian hip-hop to come” but gosh, who knows?