Rae Spoon – I Can’t Keep All Of Our Secrets 2012


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“In an instant, Rae Spoon’s voice draws you in. It’s high and vulnerable and open, ready to put difficult emotions on display in gorgeous melodies. That’s the other immediate hook here: the melodies, which are consistently strong and memorable in all nine songs on the Montreal-based musician’s excellent sixth album.

Spoon’s music has grown increasingly electronic over the last decade. But while this album is the most electro-pop yet, it’s too folk at heart and sonically light to get bodies rocking on the dance floor. Lynne T from Lesbians on Ecstasy and Berlin’s Alexandre Decoupigny handle the computer programming and beats, providing a sparse, cool rhythmic backdrop punctuated by electric guitar, all of which at times evokes Miracle Fortress.

Spoon, a transgendered Calgary native, was dealing with the death of a friend during the album’s making, and emotions are high but never melodramatic. AutoTune fun happens midway through, during London Destroyer and the soulful Ghost Of A Boy, which has moving lyrics.”
–Exclaim Magazine


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